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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Struggle with My Skin

When you deal with having acne prone skin your whole life it is extremely difficult to get used to having dry skin. In the past I found that applying certain moisturizers would break me out. Now that I am on Accutane I just want to slather my face in moisturizer 24/7. I've been trying a number of different moisturizers in an attempt to find one that provides extraordinary hydration. This medication makes my whole body dry including my scalp.

I was recently sent a haircare system that I am hoping will give my sensitive scalp some relief. When I first noticed that I was having increased hair loss I was highly upset. It sent me into a depression whenever I thought about losing my hair. My dermatologist reassured me that hair thinning is a normal side effect of Accutane.

There are so many different side effects associate with this medication. At this point I am on the fence about whether or not it worth staying on it to be quite honest. It has always be a dream of mine to have clear skin however I am not sure how much more I can take. All I want to do is make it until the end of my treatment in order to have scar repair done.

Another woman that I have become close with is also having the same struggles. Neither one of us wants to give up on our journey but its a lot to deal with. Every morning we wake up to find that our skin is different than the day before. There are days that my skin appears to be improving while other days it is more red than it has ever been. On top of it all my doctor advised me that my blood work came back showing that I have high cholesterol.

To what lengths would you go to for clear skin?

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  1. Hey, I have been seeing your skin updates pop up on my IG newsfeed over the past few weeks. And I feel like it's worth sharing with you that I also have struggled with acne, it's been just over six years now. I am 25. Anyways, I have come to discover that acne is an outward sign of an internal problem. I hope you don't take offense to this because everyone's journey is different. And I have been very bothered over the years by well-meaning people trying to give me advice when I have already tried every skin care systems and seen every doctor with no avail. Anyways, I wanted to share with you what I am currently doing in hopes that it may also help you. There is a program called "Gut Thrive in 5". And it is a dietary/supplement system to promote overall health by healing the gut, which is where all disease begins. I also use "Wellness Mama" as a wholistic advisor through her blog posts about health and hormones. I wonder if maybe you have unknown food allergies which are causing skin inflammations. Or maybe even allergies to skin products you're using, or even possibility your laundry detergent on your pillow case. Again, in no way to I intend to undermine you or your journey, so I apologize if you have already considered these possible causes. Just one lady trying to support another lady :)
    Best wishes and God bless!

  2. Stay strong �� You're doing great. I follow you on Instagram and love your posts. I too am 30 years old and have struggled with acne for a good 15 years. Went on accutane 10 years ago and it cleared a bit but not cured. I'm on my second course of accutane and am 4 weeks in, no improvement thus far, in fact my breakouts are worse. You got this girl ����
    Instagram is Shivverz

  3. Thank you for sharing your story and the process you are going through.

    I have struggled with various skin issues most of my life (acne, eczema) and I just recently went through scratch and patch testing for allergies. It turns out I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide and polypropelene glycol (found in tons of lotions and food etc...) Basically the very things I was putting on my skin to help it, was actually aggravating it. Even prescription lotions from my dermatologist.

    The allergy tests aren't cheap but it might be worth considering. My skin isn't perfect now (it never will be) but now I am able make more informed decisions about food and products I use on my skin.

    I hope things get better for you!

    Annika |

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