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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Optimum Accutane Dose Met

I had my 4 month check up with my dermatologist last week and he advised me that I've met the optimum dose of Accutane for my weight. He told me that it would be safe for me to stay on it for another 2-3 months to increase the likelyhood of my acne not coming back. I figure that since I am finally used to all of the side effects then it wouldn't hurt.

Skin update:

My skin is feeling softer and softer with each passing day. I am doing everything I can to keep in moisturized. I've been using quite a few new products trying to figure out what works best for me. If you havent checked out my YouTube channel you should because I do a series called "Mask & Tag". 

I recently received a set of sheet masks from Skin18 that I have been thoroughly enjoying. 

If you follow me on snapchat you may have seen me masking. My screen name is just "angelazimsky". 

I loved the way my skin felt after I used this mask. I will continue to posts updates on these masks on my other social media platforms so be sure to check those out. I'm going to be doing an Accutane update video this week too.

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