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Monday, May 1, 2017

My Skin: Almost Two Months Post Accutane

I have successfully completed 7 months of the acne medication Accutane. I've been asked, "Would you do it again?" and my answer is YES! My dermatologist told me that after 5 months of being on the medicine that I could be done. He gave me the option to stay on it for as long as it was safe and I said that I was willing to do whatever it took to lessen the chance of the acne coming back. When I first started the medicine I was told that there was an 80% cure rate. I liked those odds and was at the end of my rope as far as dealing with my acne all these years.

This is what my skin looks like blemish free. If my doctor had said that I could safely do another month of Accutane, I probably would have. Although I was starting to notice that my skin was more sensitive to products that I had been using the whole time I was on the treatment. After all is said and done I am glad to finally be off of it. 

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Im hoping that my acne doesn't come back minus the occasional hormonal pimple around that time of the month. My doctor said that if I notice that I am starting to break out around my monthly that I can go back for RetinA. Im not sure how I feel about using another topical to control breakouts after using them for years. Granted I never actually tried RetinA, the routine of having to apply a medicated lotion aggravates me.

I've just taken my first dose of Accutane. In 6 months I'm hoping to be cured. This is my bare face, fresh out of the...

 When I look back at my skin last summer it's hard to believe all that I went through on a daily basis to try to maintain clear skin. My skincare routine literally went from using 4-6 products to only using ONE if I wanted. Ive tried so many different products along the way too. I like to think that there was one brand that helped me along my journey and that I will continue to use.

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You guessed it, its Body Tonique. I have used many of the companies products over the last 8 months and haven't found one that I don't like. I'm going to wrap up this post with that being said because I want to write up a whole post dedicated to my experiences using the Body Tonique products because they are that good and I would recommend them to everyone.

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