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Sunday, February 5, 2017

What's Stopping You From Joining?

I signed up for Influenster mid-November and I have received three VoxBoxes already. If you are interested please use my referral link so I get "social impact" points. Click Here

All you have to do is connect all of the social media platforms that you provide review. They will ask you to answer "snap" questions which gathers different products that you can review.

The best way to get boxes, that I have found, is to do the tasks required for virtual voxboxes and get as many badges as possible.

The most recent box that I received was full of yummy goodies. I look forward to reviewing all of the products that I got in order to improve my score.

I did an unboxing of this box on my YouTube channel if you are interested in watching. See below <3

In this video I also pointed out my new jewelry box. I got a few new necklaces over the last month so I needed a place to store them. 

I like that it has separate drawers for different types of jewelry. It was fairly inexpensive on Amazon and good quality with a mirror. Interested in buying it? Click Here

Check out these other websites I use to find products for review:

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  1. What a cool box! I'd really like that Febreze mist. Pretty jewelry box too.

  2. What a great box!!! I get influencer boxes and I swear they are hit or miss. Some times I get expensive makeup which is awesome m. Other times I cratch my head like really?!

  3. I got the same box and OMG, I love that Febreze! Best room spray - it smells so good!

  4. Such an awesome idea! That jewellery box is gorgeous too! I need something like that to hold all my stuff!

  5. What a cool box of goodies. Those popcorn chips sounded yummy. And febreeze is always a hit.

  6. Cool, I'm glad you found something you like to do.

  7. OH this a lovely box :-) i love your youtube channel <3

  8. Influenster is a great idea for a box. It must be kind of fun to review some of the products you get. I suppose you would get quite a lot of good quality stuff.

  9. I've really wanted to give Influenster a go as I would love to get little goodies to try! I signed up ages ago but haven't done anything with it. Thank-you for reminding me about it!

  10. I adore Influenster, they just have some amazing boxes. I love all the goodies you received. Ill be checking the other sites too...I already use Vipon.

  11. I haven't tried any subscription boxes but they always look so exciting! :) How many do you have in total?

  12. Subscription boxes are definitely a good option for people who want to try new products. This is a really cool box!

  13. I love Influenster! They really do have amazing boxes of goodies to review!